Niels-Ole Bo Johansen

Etudes for Trombone 3-CD Digipak


Axel Hildingsen – 25 Preludes

Axel Jørgensen – 24 improvisations
Georg Allin Wilkenschildt – 24 solo pieces

Niels-Ole Bo Johansen, trombone Erik Kaltoft, piano

At the request of the trombonist Anton Hansen Axel Hildingsen and Axel Jørgensen wrote respectively 25 Preludes and 24 Improvisations for Hansen ‘s trombone school which was published in 1941.
Anton Hansen ‘s pupil and successor as solo trombonist in The Royal Danish Orchestra Palmer Traulsen undertook a revision of the trombone school in 1957. On this occasion Traulsen added 24 solo pieces by his trombonist colleague Georg Allin Wilkenschildt.

For practical reasons the piano parts for the many short studies were never included in either the first or the second edition of Hansen ‘s trombone school.
The piano part has therefore never been published before. In a later revision of the trombone school all the collections of studies were completely omitted. However, now the time has come to rediscover these small pearls.

The total of 73 short pieces vary in duration from 45 seconds to almost 6 minutes in all keys – one study per key by each of the three composers.

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