Niels-Ole Bo Johansen

Axel Jørgensen: 24 Improvisations

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Axel Jørgensen: 24 Improvisations for trombone and piano
Trombone & Piano part included
Edited by Niels-Ole Bo Johansen

Trombone & Piano part
Price 249kr + postage

“The Legacy of the Danish School of Trombone Performance is musically very significant. It is based on a rich heritage of pedagogy that is\musical in nature, rather
than mechanical. While this tradition is systematic, exploring even seldom utilized

keys, it finds  its, inspiration in the expressive and lyric, always stretching the musician as an artist as well as instrumentalist.The trombone has indeed developed significantly over the last one hundredyelars, standards dramatically improved, competition fierce.
These competitive imperatives have lead to sterile and technical, risk-averse approaches
to music making and practice.The remarkable contributions of Jørgensen, Wilkenschildt and Hildingsen contradict these tendencies and inspire each of us to aspire to artistic and expressive ideals that transcend the orchestral typecasting of the noble trombone.”

Michael Mulcahy
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Professor, Northwestern University
Chicago chamber players