Niels-Ole Bo Johansen


N-OBJ IPV 2012 4Trombonist Niels-Ole Bo Johansen has been teaching at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus since 1989 – in 1995 he became associate professor and in 2000 he was appointed to a full professorship.

His teachers were: John Leth, Rolf Sandmark, Ingemar Roos and Benny Sluchin

From 1980 – 84 he was a bandsman in various army bands and from 1986 – 2000 he was co-principal trombonist in the The Aarhus Symphony Orchestra.

Niels-Ole Bo Johansen keeps a busy schedule performing, teaching and conducting all over the world with his various programmes and musical combinations such as solo trombone recitals, trombone and computer recitals, trombone and organ duo with professor Ulrik Spang-Hanssen since 1984, The Århus Sinfonietta and trombone-piano duo with professor Erik Kaltoft.

Niels-Ole Bo Johansen has performed and lectured at several of the International Trombone Associations Festivals and hosted the festival in 2009 in his hometown Aarhus, Denmark.

He is currently chairman of the Aarhus Sinfonietta and ITA Scandinavia. He has served as 2nd Vice President of the International Trombone Association 2011-2014 as well as being a member of the International Trombone Festival board since 2010.

A new initiative is his collaboration with writer Christina Englund and percussionist Henrik Larsen – Poetry & Music – Christina reads her wonderful and humorous poems and in between we play bits and pieces….

He has over the years made several CDs and has edited most of Edition WHs works for trombone.

When not playing trombone or teaching Niels-Ole enjoys being with his family in their old school house on the country side where he resides with his wife and 3 children + various amounts of pets.

Niels-Ole Bo Johansen is a Courtois soloist and clinician.


  • Alpha & Omega (1994) (PACD 87)
  • Duo Concertante (1995) (CLASSCD 122)
  • Trombone and Electronics (2002) (CLASSCD 452)
  • Niels Viggo Bentzon: Chamber Music for brass instruments (2006) (CLASSCD 722)
  • Per Nørgård: Works for Brass (2006) (CLASSCD 730)
  • Per Nørgård: It´s all his fancies that (2010) (CDK 1016)
  • On the Edge (2010) (CDK 1046)
  • Etudes (2011) (CDK 1058-60) (tripple CD)
  • Identity problems (2014) (to be released september 2014)
  • Amalgam (2014 (to be released october 2014)


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Identity problems – music for solo trombone







New CD – will be released very soon:

Per Nørgård – Identity Problems 
– 5 movements for solo trombone
1 The Song of the Turtle Soup
2 Elegy of the Mock Turtle
3 Tweedledee
4 Which dreamed it?
5 Which was which?
Bent Sørensen – The Bells of Vineta
Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen – Liebesbriefe II
Jørgen Plaetner – Air

Kasper Jarnum 
Mixolydisk Løverdag (Mixolydian Saturday)
Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm – Nuages élégiaques
Bo Gunge  – Madrigal
René Mogensen – Views from Plato’s Cave

Recorded 2013

Niels-Ole Bo Johansen – solo trombone

Chamber Music for Brass Instruments by Niels Viggo Bentzon







Trio for trompet, horn og basun
Sonate for waldhorn og klaver
Sonate for trompet og klaver
Sonate for basun og klaver
Fett und Filz for tuba og klaver

Jakob Keiding, horn
Martin Schuster, trumpet
Niels-Ole Bo Johansen, trombone
Finn Schumacker, tuba
Erik Kaltoft, piano

Price 100kr + postage

Per Nørgård: Works for brass

CD 4-page-001




Music for Brass by Per Nørgård:

  1. Nu dækker sne den hele jord (I)
  2. Modlys
  3. Nu dækker sne den hele jord (II)
  4. Massiver – krystaller – kaskader
  5. Nu dækker sne den hele jord (III)
  6. Nervøs fanfare
  7. Nu dækker sne den hele jord (IV)
  8. Musaic
  9. Nu dækker sne den hele jord (V)

Ars Nova – students & colleagues from The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus, conductor Søren Kinch Hansen – Niels-Ole Bo Johansen

Ars Nova Copenhagen – Norgard: Works for Brass

Price 100kr + postage 

It´s all his fancies that….

CD 2-page-001





“It´s all his fancies that” – by Per Nørgård – first complete recording for trumpet, trombone and piano.

Unendlicher Empfang 17:27

Episode 1 00:39
Episode 2 02:52
Episode 3 01:53
Episode 4 05:26
Episode 5 02:12
Episode 6 02:47
Episode 7 04:26

Spell 19:49

Elisabeth Sigurdsson, clarinet
Martin Schuster, trumpet
Niels-Ole Bo Johansen, trombone
Morten Zeuthen, cello
Erik Kaltoft, piano
Frode Stengaard, piano

Price 100kr + postage

Alpha & Omega

CD 3-page-001
Bernhard Christensen: Concerto for trombone and organ
1 Chaconne
2 Aria
Bent Sørensen:
3 The Bells of Vineta
Poul Ruders
4 Requiem
Bent Lorentzen
5 Alpha & Omega
Niels Marthinsen
Concerto for trombone and organ
6 Genesis
7 Noah
8 Leviathan
Record label: PAULA
Niels-Ole Bo Johansen – trombone
Ulrik Spang-Hanssen – organ
Price 100kr + postage

Gustav Holst: Duo Concertante

CD 6-page-001
1 Gustav Holst: Duo Concertante for trombone and organ
2 Edward Elgar: Sonata no. 2 for organ – The Severn Suite (2 Introduction 3. Toccata 4. Fugue)
5 Alexandre Guilmant: Morceau Symphonique
6 Franz Liszt: “Hossanah”
7 Guy Ropartz: Pièce en mi-bémol
8 Ralph Vaughan-Williams: Toccata from “Saint Davids Day”
9 Petr Eben: Invocation no. 1
10 Rossini/Liszt: Aria “Cujus Animam”
11 Romanza: “The White Rock”
Niels-Ole Bo Johansen – trombone
Ulrik Spang-Hanssen – organ
Price 100kr + postage
Classico 122

On the Edge

CD 5-page-001





Serocki: Sonatine
1 Allegro
2 Andante molto sostenuto
3 Allegro vivace
Krenek: Five pieces for trombone and piano
Dutilleux: Choral, Cadence et Fughatto
Cowell: Hymn and fuguing Tune no. 1

2 Fuguing Tune
Francaix: Trombone Concerto
1 Largo

2 Risoluto
3 Minuetto
4 Andante

5 Allegrissimo
Hindemith: Sonate
1 Allegro moderato maestoso

2 Allegretto grazioso
3 Lied des Raufbolds – Allegro pesante
4 Allegro moderato maestoso

Niels-Ole Bo Johansen – On The Egde – Works For Trombone

Price 100kr + postage

Etudes for Trombone 3-CD Digipak


Axel Hildingsen – 25 Preludes

Axel Jørgensen – 24 improvisations
Georg Allin Wilkenschildt – 24 solo pieces

Niels-Ole Bo Johansen, trombone Erik Kaltoft, piano

At the request of the trombonist Anton Hansen Axel Hildingsen and Axel Jørgensen wrote respectively 25 Preludes and 24 Improvisations for Hansen ‘s trombone school which was published in 1941.
Anton Hansen ‘s pupil and successor as solo trombonist in The Royal Danish Orchestra Palmer Traulsen undertook a revision of the trombone school in 1957. On this occasion Traulsen added 24 solo pieces by his trombonist colleague Georg Allin Wilkenschildt.

For practical reasons the piano parts for the many short studies were never included in either the first or the second edition of Hansen ‘s trombone school.
The piano part has therefore never been published before. In a later revision of the trombone school all the collections of studies were completely omitted. However, now the time has come to rediscover these small pearls.

The total of 73 short pieces vary in duration from 45 seconds to almost 6 minutes in all keys – one study per key by each of the three composers.

Price 150kr + postage

Trombone & Electronics






Trombone player Niels-Ole Bo Johansen went in autumn 2001 in the studio with sound engineer Claus Pedersen and composers to six new works dedicated to Niels-Ole Bo Johansen to take stock of a process that began in 1996 when Niels-Ole Bo Johansen behaved the first of this CD’s works.

1. Jackdaw – Wayne Siegel
2. Smoke by Day, Glow by Night – Jesper Hendze
3. Apart – Lasse Laursen
4. Hydra – Ivar Frounberg
5. Spirales – Bent Lorentzen
6. Arga I – Jens Hørsving
7. Arga II – Jens Hørsving (Mads Bendsen, vibrafon)

Price 100kr + postage

Arpeggios in 1-3 octaves

Nothing new – but great rangebuilders and take you into the more “secret” parts of your trombone.
Please download for free!

Axel Jørgensen: 24 Improvisations

Jørgensen - N-OBJ-page-001

Axel Jørgensen: 24 Improvisations for trombone and piano
Trombone & Piano part included
Edited by Niels-Ole Bo Johansen

Trombone & Piano part
Price 249kr + postage

“The Legacy of the Danish School of Trombone Performance is musically very significant. It is based on a rich heritage of pedagogy that is\musical in nature, rather
than mechanical. While this tradition is systematic, exploring even seldom utilized

keys, it finds  its, inspiration in the expressive and lyric, always stretching the musician as an artist as well as instrumentalist.The trombone has indeed developed significantly over the last one hundredyelars, standards dramatically improved, competition fierce.
These competitive imperatives have lead to sterile and technical, risk-averse approaches
to music making and practice.The remarkable contributions of Jørgensen, Wilkenschildt and Hildingsen contradict these tendencies and inspire each of us to aspire to artistic and expressive ideals that transcend the orchestral typecasting of the noble trombone.”

Michael Mulcahy
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Professor, Northwestern University
Chicago chamber players

Georg A. Wilkenschildt: 24 Solo Pieces

Wilkenschildt - N-OBJ-page-001

Georg Allin Wilkenschildt: 24 Solo pieces for trombone and piano
in all keys and clefs.
Trombone & Piano part included

Edited by Niels-Ole Bo Johansen
Price 249kr + postage


Axel Hildingsen: 25 Preludes

Hildingsen - N-OBJ-page-001Axel Hildingsen: 25 Preludes for trombone and piano
Trombone & Piano part included.

Edited by Niels-Ole Bo Johansen
Price 249kr + postage




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